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Adactus Housing Group, Adactus Housing Association, Beech Housing Association, Chorley Community Housing


As part of our Resident Involvement Framework, we currently recognise nine local area panels across the North West.  These are regularly held meetings of our residents that discuss our performance, neighbourhood projects and much more including the development of our Local Offers.

If you are interested in joining our panels please contact us.

The Panels

We have set up nine local area panels throughout the North West which are open to residents in the following areas:

  • TARP (Tenants and Residents Panel):  CCH residents living in Chorley Borough
  • Wigan and Leigh Area Panel:  AHA residents living in Wigan & Leigh area
  • ANAP (Adactus North Area Panel):  AHA residents living in North Manchester
  • SNAP (South Neighbourhood Area Panel):  AHA residents living in South Manchester
  • Neston Forum:  AHA residents living in The Wirral
  • SCIP (Sefton Customer Involvement Panel):  AHA & BHA residents living in Sefton
  • LAMP: AHA residents living in Lancaster, Morecambe and Preston.
  • YPRF (Young People’s Resident Forum):  AHA young tenants living in supported accommodation
  • Sheltered Focus:  Any resident of Sheltered Accommodation


What happens at the Panels?


Local area panels generally discuss:

  • What’s happening locally with the service they receive
  • Upcoming initiatives
  • Scrutiny of local performance information
  • Resident Association activity
  • The Local Offer (an agreement between residents and Adactus on specific services delivered locally)

Minutes of meetings

To download the minutes from the previous area panel meetings please click on the relevant link below:

TARP (Tenants and Residents Panel)

Wigan and Leigh Area Panel

ANAP (Adactus North Area Panel)

SNAP (South Neighbourhood Area Panel)

Neston Forum

SCIP (Sefton Customer Involvement Panel)


YPRF (Young People’s Resident Forum)

Sheltered Focus