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Chorley Community Housing


Chorley Community Housing Ltd was formed in 2007 to receive a Large Scale Voluntary Transfer of Chorley Borough Council's housing stock.

It is a charitable Industrial and Provident Society and a housing association.

It is a member of the Adactus Group Structure and a subsidiary of Adactus Housing Group Ltd.


The Association was formed in March 2007 following a 2006 vote in favour of stock transfer by tenants of Chorley Borough Council.  The Association immediately joined the Adactus Group Structure as a subsidiary of Adactus Housing Group Ltd.

In 2009, the Association took on the management of Lune Valley Housing Association's 79 properties.

In 2009, the Association entered into a management agreement with Adactus Housing Association.  The agreement transfered the management of 1,800 AHA properties, known as the West Area stock, to CCH (this number has since grown to 2,200).


The board of management

Chorley Community Housing Ltd is governed by a voluntary board of management comprising people with substantial experience in housing, finance, business and regeneration.

The board comprises four tenants, four local authority nominations and four 'independent' members.

The board meets quarterly to make key decisions, help shape the direction of the company and monitor its performance.

Board decisions and non-confidential board papers are published here on the Association's blog.

The executive

The day-to-day running of CCH is co-ordinated by Richard Houghton, the Association's director of operations.

Richard is a member of the Adactus Housing Group's senior management team of directors led by the group chief executive, Paul Lees.


As a housing association the Association is regulated by the Tenant Services Authority.



The Association draws on central services provided by the Adactus Housing Group.  These services include:

  • The Connect contact centre
  • Tenancy management
  • Income collection
  • Lettings
  • Development
  • Finance
  • IT

It retains a focus on neighbourhood investment and resident consultation.

Size and location

The Association employs 80 staff directly and manages over 5,420 homes across the Northwest of England.

Company registrations

Registered as an Industrial and Provident Society, no 30155R.

Registrered with the Tenant Services Authority, no L4487.

Registered office

Chorley Community Housing Ltd

24-26 Gillibrand Street