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January 11th, 2017

Adactus500: Photo activities report (Quarter 3)

Welcome to our latest report on photo activities!

We now have more photo activities than ever, and an extra 29 members being promoted to premium membership meaning we now have 71 premium members!

Performance is still strong in terms of photos being submitted.  Below is a full report on activity, but we are pleased to have received 175 photos from 144 of our Adactus500 members across 12 different activities.  We have been really pleased to included a photo task this quarter which supported our latest scrutiny topic on planned maintenance. Members submitted photos of their kitchen and bathroom, along with their views on them, and this provided our scrutiny panel with valuable visual insight and context in terms of these key elements in our planned maintenance work.

Another popular activity has been one titled “fix my neighbourhood”.  This activity asks for photos of problem areas that we might be able to improve, or signpost members to whoever might be responsible for the area, so that local communities can look and feel better.  A number of issues have been referred for repairs to be carried out, and others have been referred to local authorities so they can get involved.

Adactus500 membership is completely free, and there is no obligation to take part – members can choose to get involved as much or as little as they like.  Most activities earn points, and these points can be exchanged for a rent credit or shopping vouchers such as Sainsburys, Vue Cinema, Tesco and Love2Shop.

For our members, premium means access to more photo activities – for example tasks like sending a photo of how well our communal grounds are being maintained and corridor cleanliness checks can be sent in once a month.

Scroll down to view the full report (or click here if on a mobile device).




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