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Adactus Housing Group News

December 13th, 2016

Board feedback – 28 November 2016

The boards of Adactus Housing Group, Adactus Housing Association, Beech Housing Association and Chorley Community Housing held their quarterly meeting on 28 November 2016.  The key issues discussed were as follows:

New Chairs
The first item on the agenda was to appoint chairs to serve for the next year.  Following the retirement of Paul Joyce who had provided nine years of excellent service on the board, Jane Clayton was appointed as the new Group Chair.  Richard O’Connell takes Jane’s previous post as Chair of Beech Housing Association and the other chairs remain unchanged with Olwen BakerAlan Cain and Edward Mellor continuing to serve respectively as chairs of Adactus Housing Association, Chorley Community Housing and Performance Scrutiny and Audit Committee.

Future Development Plans
A large portion of the agenda related to plans to continue to build new housing after the current HCA grant funded programmes end in 2018.  The board received papers which considered the scope for a programme of building for outright sale to cross-subsidise plans to build affordable housing for rent and the financial mechanisms necessary to make this work.  The upshot was the approval of a new Development Strategy which will deliver approximately 2,300 new homes by 2022.

Neighbourhood Strategy
The board adopted a new Neighbourhood Strategy to provide a framework for the Group’s community engagement and neighbourhood development work.  The strategy outlines work plans across the themes of ‘places’, ‘people’ and ‘communities’.

2017/18 Rents
The board approved a further 1% reduction in rents for rented properties and a 2% increase in rents for shared ownership properties for the forthcoming 2017/18 financial year (i.e. for the year from April 2017).

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