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January 15th, 2017

Adactus Money Advice Service helps tenants get unclaimed benefits

Yet more tenants from across the Group have recently benefited from using our free specialist Money Advice Service.  

A tenant suffering from a rare disability was supported in applying for personal independence payments. Although, his previous application had been refused, our Money Advice Team appealed this decision at a tribunal.  With the decision successfully overturned, our tenant was awarded almost £4,000 in backdated benefits.

On another case, our Money Advice team worked with a young tenant with mental health issues.  The tenant was not engaging with other agencies, leading to his benefits being stopped and subsequently falling behind with his rent.  Court proceedings had already started and the tenant was faced with losing his home.  The team assisted him with claiming benefits again, getting food from the local food bank and obtaining a loan from the local authority to enable him to get his gas and electric reconnected.  Eventually, a backdate of housing benefit was secured which prevented him from losing his home.

The team has also assisted an autistic tenant, who had previously been entitled to Disability Living Allowance.  A decision ruled that the tenant was not entitled to Personal Independence Payments (PIP) which had a serious impact to their household’s income as it meant that his mother also lost her carers allowance entitlement of £45 per week.    Our team appealed against this decision.  We attended medical assessments, gathered supporting medical evidence and presented the tribunal case to successfully secure the tenant a PIP award and the reinstatement of his mother’s carers allowance entitlement. In total, the family were awarded nearly £7,700.

The free Money Advice Service provided by Adactus offers advice, advocacy and assistance with benefit, debt and budgeting.  If you feel that you are missing out on benefits that you should be entitled, then do not hesitate to contact our dedicated Money Advice Team today on 0300 111 1133 for expert confidential advice and support.

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