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January 20th, 2017

The final scrutiny report on planned maintenance has just been published. Following on from the scrutiny panel’s interim meeting, our Internal Affairs team has been busy gathering further evidence to present to the scrutiny panel at their meeting next week. Their report, which includes recommendations, is now available to view: Click here to view the Scrutiny Panel on Planned Maintenance– Final Report using an e-reader. Or click here to download the report as a pdf. We have also published the results of …

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January 11th, 2017

We recently asked Adactus500 members for their views on the repair appointments we offer, and to get an insight into how convenient these were based on individual circumstances. We learned a lot from this the feedback, and the results will be used to further shape our new online service, Connect, as well as the repair appointments we offer in general. Whilst overall 8 out of 10 members felt our appointments were convenient, for households where somebody was not normally at home during …

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November 7th, 2016

As a company we aim to be open and honest about our performance, decisions that we make and ultimately why we make them.  This ‘transparency’ is central to our relationship with our customers.  It helps us create and maintain confidence in our services.  We are committed to being transparent and publish a great deal of information on our website to fulfill this commitment. Earlier this year, we asked our customer’s views on what we give priority to. We presented a …

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October 20th, 2016

We recently ran an Adactus500 consultation with members about the different choices tenants had to pay their rent.  Two surveys were developed (one for tenants who paid their rent by Direct Debit and a second for those who used alternative methods).  The surveys asked tenants to explain why they had chosen their particular method of payment, whether they were made fully aware of range of payment options at the time of let and, for those who chose other methods, whether …

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August 31st, 2016

Adactus500 members have been able to take part in photo tasks for some time now, but since March things have been hotting up!  We now have 9 photo activities up and running, from sending a snap of favourite budget meals to letting us  see how well communal grounds are being maintained, there really is a lot to get involved in right now. One of the newest features to make its way into the award winning Adactus500 is premium membership, launched …

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