Jigsaw Foundation grant funding to Wigan Youth Zone and Homeless Support Project

Jigsaw Foundation grant funding to Wigan Youth Zone and Homeless Support Project

Wigan Youth Zone has been awarded £25,000 from the Jigsaw Foundation.

The funding will help the Youth Zone reach out to our residents in Wigan and Leigh, offering a range of targeted services which include counselling, mentoring, employability and enterprise programmes, days out and holiday clubs.

The Youth Zone is open 40 hours each week. Once signed up, children can go along to any of the sessions  to access a range of activities, including art sessions, design, music and pampering sessions, as well as general play and low-price food.

The Homeless Support Project in Leigh has also been awarded £14,688 from the Jigsaw Foundation Fund. The funding will provide a vehicle to transport food from all donation points to the project, and also fund a chef who will cook the food at the centre in Leigh.

The project helps people who are homeless or at risk of homelessness. Residents are able to access the services provided at the centre. The services include a food bank, hot meals cooked daily, a food garden (where users can grow their own fruit and vegetables), a technology training room, and access to various partner services providing work experience opportunities.

For more information about Jigsaw Foundation, use the link:

Our Jigsaw Homes tenants can help decide how funding is allocated from Jigsaw Foundation to community and resident groups, charities, social enterprises and voluntary organisations by signing up to Jigsaw Rewards . Tenants can receive rent credits or high street vouchers in exchange for providing their feedback on this and other services.


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